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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Barielle Me Couture 2014 Collection

**Press Sample**

TAUPE NOTCH              
This polish is described as a  a creamy dark taupe. Taupe is supposed to be a gray leaning brown, but I think this is all gray. I love this color and I am making this a regular in my nail art collection. I do not own a color like and I am in love with it. When I first saw it I immediately starting thinking of all of the combinations I could do with it.

Bareille says this polish is a creamy deep fuchsia. I love the way Barielle does  fuchsia. I have a lot of fuschias (fuschi? are those even words??) from Barielle and I love them all. This one did need an extra coat because it was a little thin for me, but 2 coats will cover all of the bare spots your may have.

This is described as a creamy grape purple. Soho at night is a gorgeous color and is perfect for fall. It really is a perfect grape color. This color went on really nicely with 1 coat, but I always put on 2 for good measure to cover up any spots I may have missed with the first one.

Barielle describes this color as a creamy dark navy/purple. I really liked the color of this, but I do have to let you know that I did have to put more than 1 coat on for this. For a cream, I expect a one-coater with two coats for good measure. For this polish I did have to apply 3 coats. I consider this a crelly leaning polish. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with this polish, but I think it leans more towards crelly.

This polish is described as a creamy deep sea green. This is a gorgeous, not so overbearing and very complimenting color. I am not really a green person, but this is a nice color. It has enough of a blue lean to it that it

Barielle describes this polish as a creamy rust w/ a hint of pink. I LOOOOVVVVE this color. I think they hit this way out of the ballpark with this one. The pink shimmer is just gorgeous and subtle in this polish. It is perfect to wrap up this fabulous fall collection.

Don't forget you can't get these for $8.00 each and I have them all linked individually on their names above.

 If you want to find out more information about Barielle or ways to follow and find out about specials, here are ALL of their links!! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Geometric Sunburst

**Press Sample**
 This is the last design for this months theme of Geometric design. This theme was really fun to do and I am super proud to say that I was able to complete all four looks I made it just in time. Literally, just in time but I did it!! We also announced next months theme which is going to be stripes, so I did a nice lead way into next month for you.
I used striping tape to create this effect in a sort of sunburst-esque shape. I also used a polish from the NEW line of Barielle Me Couture Fall 2014 line. It is called Boho Chic and it described as a "creamy deep sea green". Stay tuned for the entire collection coming soon, HERE!! This was a really simple, but fun design!!
 Colors Used:
Barielle- Boho Chic

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup

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  • Sunday, September 28, 2014

    YouPolish Sparrow Decals

    **Press Sample**
    Sparrow Decals from YouPolish over Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers Polish
    Yes, another great set of YouPolish decals. These are Sparrows. How cute are these?? I have been reviewing these decals for the last couple weeks and I have loved every set I have tried. I have not had one rip or tear. That means that the materials that are used or such high quality. This is great because it means the money you are spending is worth it and you will not be wasting it on cheap material ripping when you go to pull it off the paper.
    Sparrow Decals from YouPolish over Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers Polish
    You get your choice of 1 of 30 colors. The ones that I am wearing are in Arctic Blue. This is such a cool blue color. I am not usually a blue fan because of what it does to my skin tone, but this is really a pretty accent color on top of just about any base.
    Sparrow Decals from YouPolish over Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers Polish
    When you buy these, you get a total of 72 decals on a sheet for only $5.50 and FREE shipping!! If you are interested in buying this decal, you can grab it up here. These were great to apply and super easy. No tearing or ripping due to the high quality vinyl. I recommend that if you have bigger fingers or longer nails, you may want to use tweezers to help with application. You should also add a thick topcoat to ensure your decal stays on for all to see!
    Sparrow Decals from YouPolish over Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers Polish
    Colors Used:
    Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- If You're A Seascape
    Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- Dawn Breaks
    Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- Intersecting Lines in the Sand

    Saturday, September 27, 2014

    Zoya Ulta PixieDust Fall 2014

    **Press Sample**

    The Fall has officially arrived when our PixieDust polishes come out! This year Zoya has given us three beautiful colors. They are all a gorgeous variety of a red color. Each one unique in it's own way and each one gorgeous! I love these all whether they are with a topcoat or on their own, they make a great addition to any sweater wearing day.

    True red, textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Particles is what Zoya call this polish. The first thing I thought of when I put this on was Ruby Red Slippers. Yes, from Wizard of Oz. This is a very pretty sparkly red.

     This is Oswin with a topcoat on it. The PixieDusts are very thick textured polishes so if you are going to use a topcoat, you need to use a nice thick one. The reason is because the thick textured polishes are very thirsty and the suck up your topcoat quickly. Either use a couple coats or a really thick one.

     Zoya says this is a blue-toned red wine, textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Particles. I love this description because that is exactly what it is. It is a red that leans a little blue. This is also opaque in 1 coat, but I used two to cover any bald spots. 

    This is Arianna with a nice thick layer of topcoat. Don't forget how hungry these lovely PixieDust polishes are!!


     Zoya says Noir is a deep vampy plum, textured PixieDust with red Mega Hex Particles. This is my favorite polish out of the collection. I am in love with the combination of colors and the overall purple colors in this polish. I love everything about it!! This is opaque in 1 coat, but I used two for good measure.

     Zoya Noir with a topcoat looks so awesome. It just looks like that glitter is just floating.

    Again, just a little talk about topcoats: For all of these, you can add a topcoat to smooth them out but I recommend a nice thick topcoat such as Seche or JustRica. If you like the rough texture, like I do, you can leave it alone.I think if you are going to go Ultra Magical Pixie, you have to go ROUGH!!! I like to wear them bare because I like the feel of them. I rub them for comfort. hehe

    How to Apply Video from Zoya

    $10 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.

    *BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.