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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaboaritve Presents REDO

Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me 
Ladies... We are getting down to the end of my flashback to my early days of blogging. There is a funny story about this L'Oreal polish, but I will tell that a little later.

First, you can see my original post up top there and "WOW" is all I can say. So, it's been 2 years since I first used both of these polishes and I am super impressed with how both of them applied after all that time. Hit Polish was one of my fist indie orders. In that 2 year time, Hit Polish closed and re-opened her shop. I am so excited that she reopened because I was sad to see my first indie polish maker close. 

Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me
So, funny story about Now You Sea Me. I told my husband that I HAD TO HAVE a tiffany blue color. I original purchased Wet n' Wild I Need A Re-Freshmint and it stained the crap out of my nails. I new I loved the color, but that was not working for me.
Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me
I sent him to Rite-Aid to pick something out for me. He choose this color. I was sooo proud of him for getting pretty close to the color I wanted. Then he told me what he paid for it. Now keep in mind this was before I really got into polish and new about prices. I asked him WTF was wrong with him paying over $8 for a non-indie polish. He didn't know.
Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me
Now that I have been in the polish world for quite some time, I am totally ok with that purchase because I have paid waaaay more for one bottle- shhh don't tell him :) Plus, I love this color. It is such a great aqua blue creme polish.
Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea MeHit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me

Colors Used:
L'Oreal- Now You Sea Me
Hit Polish- Tinsel

Hit Polish Tinsel and L'Oreal Now You Sea Me

Thursday, July 24, 2014

GOT Polish presents Holo

Today, I am going to show you one of my very first holos I ever got. This is an Ozotic polish and I still love it! I layered it over a dark navy blue so you can really see the holo, but it is gorgeous.
This is a scattered holo, but it is still awesome. I am kind of over all this holo-ness. I am ready for something new. I want magic! Don't get me wrong. I love a good holo, but I am ready for what's next. BIGGER and BETTER! 
Ozotic 534 and NYC West Village
In addition to this great holo feature, it also happens to be a multi-chrome polish. It leans purple to blue to a pinkish. The outdoors pictures that I have below really shows the full greatness of this polish.
Ozotic 534 and NYC West Village
Since I am wear a layer of my navy blue undies and about 2 layers of the holo, I had to wait a little in between layers and then cover with a quick dry. I would like to try this layered over a purple to see if it's different.
Ozotic 534 and NYC West Village
Outdoors in direct sunlight. While the multichrome is kind of hidden in direct sunlight, you can really see the holo better.
Ozotic 534 and NYC West Village
Have you ever tried an Ozotic polish? If so, which one??

Until next time, when we have GLITTER TOPPER!
Ozotic 534 and NYC West Village

Colors Used:
NYC- West Village
Ozotic- 534

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Share the Love from Born for a Storm

I am super excited to have a close nail friend of mine to be the first part of my "Share the Love" campaign for July. If you loooove her swatches as much as I do, you can check her out:

Hello, readers of ColorMeSoCrazy! I'm Sara from Born For A Storm and I'm here to show you two recent Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer products that I'm loving. The glitter is especially perfect for this time of year! I purchased both of these polishes myself.

That's probably the worst picture I've ever taken in my life. Sorry. Onto the swatches of the polishes, which actually have good photos!

  One Gray-t Year. 
This polish was created to celebrate Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's first year of business! (And fun fact, it was named by Jessica of Polished10!) This is a " a matte grey polish with rainbow micro-flakies. It dries to a satin finish." This polish is exactly as described! I'm showing it here with two coats of polish and base and top coat. As pretty as I find satin finishes, I can't deal with it out in real life. I want everything SHINY. So I topcoat all the things. You can see the flakies really well in the bottle shot. They are slightly less apparent on the nail but way more apparent than my stupid pictures make it seem, if that makes sense. The formula on this was perfect and easy to work with! Get Too Close To The Flame. 
This is Julie's June LE polish and I CANNOT DEAL WITH HOW PRETTY IT IS. GTCTTF is "a clear base packed with pink micro-flakies, watermelon pink hexes and dots, and hot orange hexes and stars." I'm wearing one coat with some extra dabbed on to fill the spaces. This applied really easily and I didn't have to fuss to get glitter out of the bottle, which is always appreciate. I don't think I have any glitters in this color family so I was really excited when this beauty came in the mail! I love that the pink micro-flakies really popped in the macro shot... they are incredible in real life. If you have a chance to pick this color up, DO IT. I want to put it over everything! 

 Here's how you can shop Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer and keep in touch with Julie: 
Shop: click here 
Facebook: click here
Blog: click here 
Twitter: click here 
Instagram: click here

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Red Coat Tuesday

Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday

Today, I have a really special polish for my #RedCoatTuesday linkup. This is a polish that I purchased in a swap a looooooong time ago. I finally got around to using it and I am glad I did.

Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday
There has been so much drama surrounding Nerd Lacquer. I am the kind of person that doesn't just trust someone of take someone's word because they said so. I have been burned before by this so everyone gets a fair, clean slate and I make my own opinion. I never had any problems with Nerd Lacquer except that she disappeared and then all of a sudden she sent me 3 polishes. It's not really a problem as it is strange.
Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday
I am still kind of bummed that she just up and disappears. I really like these polishes and I think I may continue to collect. I collected about 12 of them and then all of a sudden sold off half of my stash because I needed money for family things. I still regret it every time I look at my small NL stash. Warrior Ethos is a red jelly with large and micro black and iridescent hexes. I really like this polish, a lot. It was super easy to apply and to keep the glitters even. Sometimes in older polishes this, the base and glitter get really lumpy or the glitter just wants to not come out of the bottle. Not this one.
Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday
Questions and predictions for "The Silence of E.Lamb":
So, Aria goes to Radley! What is she going to see? Is dear old Eddie going to help or hinder? What will she find out about Beth?? There is a new lady in the promos, is she going to be a key player?
Spence continues to snoop. What is she going to find out? Will Emily's mom be involved? Em's mom has a PLL dinner and by the looks of the the previews, it looks like it gets a little heated. What is that all about?
Mona... please tell me someone let's Mona know about it. She needs to be brought down a couple notches because she is getting too out of control. 

Also, ABC Family announced a special Christmas episode and MRS. D is in the promo... hmmm what is that all about??

Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday
Colors Used:
Nerd Lacquer- Warrior Ethos
Nerd Lacquer in Warrior Ethos shows us #RedCoatTuesday

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents REDO

OH boy!! Can see talk about the hand poses?? That was one of the hardest things for me to grasp. I finally got it when I just relaxed. Seriously! Even now, I catch myself getting a little "claw like" and I have to shake my hand out to relax it. 

Nail Challenge Collaborative recreation of first nail designs

For this design, I used the same design, just altered slightly. Haha!! I don't know what the heck I used for tape in the original design. I know there is no way I free handed it, but I can't figure out what I used. Maybe scotch tape??

Nail Challenge Collaborative recreation of first nail designs

Anyway, the thick lines were super challenging. I had to put a couple pieces of my thin striping tape together to make the thick lines and that got a little crazy!!

Nail Challenge Collaborative recreation of first nail designs

Overall, this was a really fun combination to repeat. I love the simplicity of the color combination and the fun stripes. 

Also, I wanted to wish my little sisters JOLEEN AND CARLIE a very Happy Birthday. They are a couple years apart, but they were born on the same day. That's really crazy, isn't it??
Have a good day girls!!

Nail Challenge Collaborative recreation of first nail designs

Colors Used:
Revlon- Sequin
Wet n' Wild- Ebony Hates Chris